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Killeen, TX

Self Defense and Martial Arts Course in Killeen, TX

American Shotokan Karate Academy provides the outstanding results you look for when selecting a Killeen, TX, self-defense and martial arts course. Our martial arts course is the ultimate in self-defense, and our program is designed to help students of all ages learn practical and useful techniques in a comfortable and controlled setting. We offer flexible hours and pay attention to the details of your needs, strengths, and limitations.

At American Shotokan Karate Academy, we take the comprehensive approach to martial arts training. Our classes focus on techniques that impart physical and mental skills that our students can use in self-defense. Our dedicated and passionate instructors take the time to ensure each student has the attention he or she needs to master every technique and skill. Our students view us as martial arts experts because we're:

  • USANKF members
  • 6th Degree Black Belt holders
  • USA KARATE National Champions
Our Killeen, TX, self-defense and martial arts course is competitively priced and conveniently scheduled. Contact American Shotokan Karate Academy today to make a great investment in yourself or your child.